So I've been checking out some of Justin Taylor's posts on emergent and emerging church (there is a difference). For those interested (*ahem*cough*) here is an interesting and clarifying article.



There are a lot of pixels being killed over this whole issue of Reformed-Charismatic Christianity ("pneumatic Christianity") and cessationism. From what I have read (blog-wise) there is a lot (from the cessationist camp) about the abuses of the charismatic-pentecostal world. I'm a charismatic (think CJ Mahaney)... and I would like to say - of course there are abuses. There have been since Corinth. There will be until Jesus comes back.

However, there have always been abuses on the doctrinally-dry, hollow, religious formality of the reformed camp since its inception.

Charismatic and Pentecostal churches are shrinking, falling into doctrinal errors, dealing with false brothers and other issues. So are the cessationist, reformed churches.

Is one worse than the other? I think not.

Rather than starting with naming federal heads of each movement and then playing the ad Hominem game, let us go for this view:

"...this to me is the crux of the whole interpretation of the New Testament at this point, it is the key point. Do not start thinking about phenomena; I will come to that later. That is the fatal mistake that people make. They start with phenomena, they have their prejudices and they take up their lines and their points and the New Testament teaching is entirely forgotten. No, we must start with the teaching of the Scripture" (Lloyd-Jones, Martin. Joy Unspeakable. Wheaton: Harold Shaw, 1984. p. 21).

So how about, as the good Doctor has recommended, we square with the Bible on the issue. No more "Hey-I-just-wanted-to-point-out-....-that's-all" or, "Well-there-was-this-one-cessationist/charismatic-who-did/said-..." potshots.

I do want to say that there are blogs that will take Scripture to this issue with good form. I commend them for it and take their views seriously. That said, there still seems to be a weight towards pointing out abuses and uses of some unfair biases.

Skipping all the errors made in practice on each side, let’s be pursuing the biblical basis for each position with fair definitions and terms.

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